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He loved to take me off guard with our student-teacher fantasies at funny moments. This time we were in the cramped back lounge of a club, dancing at the center of a crowd of our friends. We were talking and laughing as we danced together, our lips close to each other’s ears but never quite touching.

Our conversation moved organically to a point where he was able to slyly ask, “Does that excite you?” 

The mood of our conversation shifted from playful to provocative. I took the bait. Bit my lip and nodded, giggling. He smiled and shifted into his teacher voice. “Enough to go lock yourself in the supply closet in the hallway, Miss ——-?” He addressed me as his student. My eyes widened and I nodded shyly.

"You are such a naughty girl to skip class for this. I should take you straight to the principal’s office…"

Our bodies had gradually become pressed together. His lips brushed against my ear, whispering seductively. My cheeks flushed; my fingers were digging lightly into his shoulders, waiting for the next word.

"….or maybe…"

"…maybe I will just come in there and join you…"

One of his hands slowly traced over my breast, while the other positioned itself at my lower back and pulled me even closer. I shivered and moaned lightly into his neck.

He started to say something again, to continue immersing us in the fantasy, when our friend came bounding up to us to chat.

We broke away from each other. I was slightly wobbly and blushy, and he grinned hugely at our friend, who raised an eyebrow and smiled. Our friend jokingly asked me, “Was he talking dirty to you?” I murmured incoherently and toddled off to the bar while the two of them stayed on the dance floor laughing.


Anonymous asked:

What are your top 3 dream cosplays? No boundaries when it comes to budget or the laws of physics. Can be sexy or non sexy....?

Delirium (Sandman), Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time), and Mew (Jet Grind Radio)!!

Hello again.

It has been a while.

I think it may be time to start writing here again. My interest in being an adventurous slut is starting to rise again, and with it my enthusiasm to write about said slutty adventures.

It would seem that with the exception of some sporadic posting when I was bored, I haven’t written much of my experiences in nearly a year. A bit of things have changed.

I now share a living space with my darling Mr. J, who remains my primary partner and number one awesome lover. Things have been quiet lately beyond my relationship with him.

My last threesome was before christmas, with Bitey Kitty and her boyfriend the Postman (I couldnt resist calling him that, mostly because it is my favorite Presidents song). Bitey Kitty has been off traveling since then, and is only just returning next week. Mr. J and I are stoked!

The Psychedelic Gentleman and I stopped seeing each other for about 8 months, a situation we have only recently remedied. We are both very excited to reconnect.

Also, I have recently started up a relationship with someone I dated very briefly a couple of years ago. At the time, we hadn’t been quite free enough to pursue each other. Now, however, we have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other much better and play a lot. He is a super creative and sadistic top!

That is about all in the world of my relationships currently, but there is more to come. Stay tuned!

eenymeenymynemo asked:

IDEA For those that know this miss: If you have a sexy story about this kitten here send it to her in your own words! then she can post it with the correct name changes and credit you! Lets hear some adventures from YOU the viewer!

Yes. I like this idea. If anyone writes me a story about our adventures together, I’d love to post it! I may expand on it too if I feel so inspired :)


Anonymous asked:

Mrowr! You're awesome and I'm happy to be a RL friend. But why aren't you updating your tumblr with as many sexy stories as you used to? ;-)

I know I have fallen very behind! I fell behind so long ago that I don’t know where to start… there are so many stories that happened as far back as June that I am surprised I never got around to writing about because they are hilarious and/or sexy.

Unfortunately, my love and sex life is in a state where I can no longer confidently gush about everything I do in bed without worrying that it’ll make someone else feel neglected or jealous.

I’ll come back someday, darlings. Til then, browse through the archives under the tag naughty-adventures. Or, if you are my rl friend, come spend more time with me so you can witness or participate in my adventures first-hand (or at least get the stories in person)!


Drivebypost 2

Today for Mr. J and I’s birthdays and anniversary, we had a cake wrestling party! So many friends came to spectate, and a few brought sticky things too! There was jello and whipped cream and icing involved in addition to cake…. Scarlet and Andypants brought a big safeway cake that they smeared us with aaaall over, and Bitey Kitty brought us a couple bags of jello to pour all over her and each other! Another friend brought a cake straight from the foodfight scene in Hook (think bright squooshy colors) along with similarly decorated cupcakes as projectiles and some jello. Gir brought sprinkles and icing and other things to throw at the participants while keeping a safe distance from the sticky, but she succumbed before everyone else to the foodfight madness. In the first skirmish she wildly flung sprinkles everywhere in an attempt at…self defense?

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