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Mr. J and I went on an eating spree yesterday; ate dinner at the nearby temple, and we were given such large portions I felt like I was going to burst!

Obviously the next logical step after such a large meal was to buy an entire cake.

Mr. J insisted that we stop at a grocery store on the way home to buy a cake. The cake in question ended up being a big round turtle cake (of the super chocolate/caramel variety, not the green turtle shaped kind). He grabbed us a fork from a random cafe as we walked, and when it became apparent that we were going to eat this before we got home, I requested that we stop and devour the cake before going forward.

A small plot of grass beside the sidewalk in a random neighborhood was chosen, and we sat down and opened up the cake. Mr. J alternated between feeding himself a bite, and feeding me one. The forkfuls he chose for me quickly started getting bigger and bigger, until he was attempting to shove giant mouthful after giant mouthful between my poor lips. I could not keep up with the amount of sticky goodness he was feeding me.

Finally, with cake threatening to dribble down my chin, I refused to even try to take the latest forkful, a monster bite that looked like it wanted to eat *me*. I flailed my arms at Mr. J to keep the fork away from me, which resulted in the monster bite falling to the ground. For one tense moment Mr. J and I locked eyes; I knew that I had been naughty and waited to see what he would do.

In one swift motion he picked up the chunk of cake and pelted me with it. Once again I froze and stared at him, shocked that he would be so bold as to get my clothing messy! In the next split second we both dove at each other and tried to smear each other with as much of the gooey stuff as we could.

Pedestrians passed, dogs barked and still we wrestled and squealed and giggled as we got each other as messy as possible. After much struggling we had exhausted ourselves, and I licked a bit of frosting from various points on Mr. J`s face. Together we struggled back to our feet and giggled and kissed and embraced in our mutual stickiness. Hand in chocolatey hand we walked home, and used the last of our adrenaline to wash each other off and then fuck each other silly.

As far as spontaneity goes, I think we win.

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